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Packing wood waste chipper machine

Real Tech Engineering, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Cut Wood Chipper Machine of excellent quality. We offer the best Cut Wood Chipper Machine for sale at moderate price.

Cut Wood chipper machine is a special machine used for chipping woods with higher density while compared to the other two types. The chipper design employs steel with knives that cut the woods in the customized shape.

Drum Chipper Machines
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Drum Chipper Machines
Fly Wood & Vineer Waste Chipper Machine

High-Torque Roller:

Shredders that make use of high-torque low-speed grinding rollers are growing in popularity for residential use. These shredders are driven with an electric motor and are very quiet, dust free, and self-feeding. Some of these machines are equipped with an anti-jamming feature.


The original chipper design employs a steel disk with knives mounted upon it as the chipping mechanism. In this design, (usually) reversible hydraulically powered wheels draw the material from the hopper towards the disk, which is mounted perpendicularly to the incoming material.


Newer chippers employ mechanisms consisting of a large steel drum powered by a motor, usually by means of a belt. The drum is mounted parallel to the hopper and spins towards the output chute. The drum also serves as the feed mechanism, drawing the material through as it chips it.

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