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Real Tech Engineering


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Real Tech Engineering Manufactures a high-quality Disintegrator that is used for crushing irregularly shaped, hard, fibrous materials into coarse-to-fine particles.

Real Tech Disintegrator are well designed Disintegrator mills of simple and sturdy Construction, They re ideally suited where coarse grinding of soft and medium hard products is required.The main shaft is the only revolving parts, which require no adjustment. This main shaft runs on Ball/ Roller bearing and it contains fix/swing type hammers.

The fineness of the finished products is controlled by te replaceable screens fitted on the lower of the disintegrator body. The screens of desire mesh can be easily changed. All portions of the body where wear and abrasin is expected are lined with replaceable hard alloy liners.The screen is adjustable.

The grinding (disintegratin) is achieved by the impact of hammers against the liner fitted in the body,and the fine products passes through the screens of desired fineness

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