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Briquetting Plant

The Briquetting Press is the main machine forming solid bio-fuel briquettes from loose agro wastes. The press consists of main body called Skelton fabricated from 25mm steel plates which approximately weighs 1.50 M.T%. The other parts are two casting fly wheels each weighs 800kg.

Due to the added benefits and the highlights of the project most developing countries appreciate and endorse the use of non conventional energy to substitute the rampant use of conventional fuels, and at the same time encourage resarch and development of finding newer ways

Biomass Briquette

Biomass Briquettes are made from the Agricultural waste, Forest Waste and Industrial Waste. It is converted into solid cylindrical shape. The major residues are Rice Husk, Coffee Husk, Coir Pitch, Jute Sticks, Sugarcane Baggasse, Groundnut Shell, Mustard Stalks, Cotton Stalks, Sawdust, Caster Sedd Shells / Stalk, Wood Chips, Bamboo Dust, Tobacco Waste, Tea Waste, Paddy Straw, Wheat Straw, Sunflower Stalk, Palm Husk, Soyabean Husk, Veneer Residues, Barks and Straws, Forestry waste, Seeds Cases etc.,

Briquetting Machine

Briquetting is a process of fuel manufacturing system from Agro wastes like groundnut shells, cashew nut shells, saw dust, coir pith, coffee husk, cotton stalk et.,

The best and cheif process found in experience is manufacturing briquettes from a mixture of 80% saw dust and 20% groundnut shell. In other cases like 100% groundnut shell briquettes, pulvarised is to be done which increases the production cost.

Sawdust Drying Machinest

The entire systems consist of fan blower, motor engine, fuel boiler, steel pipe, cyclone and air lock.

In this structure, wet objects is input into the hopper by screw feeder; Fuel boiler produces large amount of hot air, that hot air is motivated into steel pipes, varied with wet sawdust and moved through twist pipes and ventilation chamber by the power of fan blower. Fast moving hot air sustains and is mixed with raw material sent by twisting feeder in the suspending state through the steel pipe; moisture evaporates as the material traverses along the steel pipe and is rendered dry at the discharge end.


Real TEch Disintegrator are well designed Disintegrator mills of simple and sturdy Construction, They re ideally suited where coarse grinding of soft and medium hard products is required.The main shaft is the only revolving parts, which require no adjustment. This main shaft runs on Ball/ Roller bearing and it contains fix/swing type hammers.

Biomass Materials

Biomass materials and biomass based industry residues are very important renewable energy sources. The importance of these materials are alternate fuel has been well recognized for use in power generation. While the characteristics of biomass vary from different geographical regions, the values for typical biomass materials are indicated for general guidance. The Machine which produce Briquettes is called Briquetting Machine.

Hammer Mill

Real Tech Briquetting Machines is one of the best producers and supplier of hammermill machine in India. A hammermill is a machine whose purpose is to shred or crush aggregate material into smaller pieces. These machines have many sorts of applications in many industries, including: A hammermill is essentially a steel drum containing a vertical or horizontal rotating shaft or drum on which hammers are mounted. The hammers are free to swing on the ends of the cross, or fixed to the central rotor.

Wood Chipper

Real Tech Briquetting Machines is one of the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Wood Chipper Machines in India. A woodchipper is a machine used for reducing wood (generally tree limbs or trunks) into smaller woodchips. They are often portable, being mounted on wheels on frames suitable for towing behind a truck or van. The machines are suitable to be fed with tree trunks, tree branches, tree leaves, bamboo, soyabean stalks, cotton stalks, wooden blocks, tree hides, animal feed, raw materials for preparing biomass and other forestry wastes. We make our clients more competitive by empowering the innovative and upgraded technology in the products. There are different Types of Wood Chipper..